Post-Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Information Governance

  • Data Protection
  • Information Governance & Security Principles
  • Company Compliance Management & Administration
  • Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention

This course will significantly provide an opportunity for students to learn about the information governance and security principles that underpin the management of an organisation’s information assets. You will critically analyse the key concepts, theories, standards and frameworks of information governance and security, including risk management. This will enable you to evaluate an organisation’s current approach to information governance and security and to advise on the design and implementation of an appropriate strategy for managing an organisation’s information assets to meet legal, regulatory, organisational and/or societal needs for information governance and security.


Professionals in leadership capacity, Data Protection Officers, Compliance Officers, Auditors. Anyone requiring an understanding of information governance & Security principles as well as those with an interest in information security either as a potential career or as an additional part of their general business knowledge and to enable business to ensure their information is protected appropriately.